I Am a Dad Movie Script

杰瑞发布于04 Jan 10:45

A corrupt detective infiltrates a gang and tries to save his daughter. One day he finds out the heart his daughter would receive as a transplant is from a magician he falsely accused. 一名腐败的侦探潜入一个帮派,试图拯救他的女儿。有一天,他发现女儿将接受的心脏移植手术来自一位他诬陷的魔术师。

I'm sorry. You're not eligible for any more loan... Lady, it's a matter of life and death!翻译编辑删除
Like I said, you can always borrow money with collateral.翻译编辑删除
If I had collateral, why would I be begging for a loan?翻译编辑删除
Please. I'll pay back as soon as I get the money.翻译编辑删除
What did you just say?翻译编辑删除
Hey! Did you just say f*** you?翻译编辑删除
Yeah I did.翻译编辑删除
What are you gonna do?翻译编辑删除
Do I need to get on my knees or f***ing beg to borrow 20 grand?翻译编辑删除
Screw you, cop!翻译编辑删除
Hello? Hello!翻译编辑删除
- Detective HAN!翻译编辑删除
NAH Sang-man got arrest warrant.翻译编辑删除
He had money problems with the dead man CHO Dong-chul and we have testimony from the witness who saw the murder.翻译编辑删除
The trial will be a piece of cake.翻译编辑删除
Who would give a sh*t for someone like NAH and his pathetic life scraping by doing kiddie magic shows?翻译编辑删除
Detective, it was a good choice to work with you.翻译编辑删除
- How was I?翻译编辑删除
- Pretty good.翻译编辑删除