I Am a Dad Movie Script

杰瑞发布于04 Jan 10:45

A corrupt detective infiltrates a gang and tries to save his daughter. One day he finds out the heart his daughter would receive as a transplant is from a magician he falsely accused. 一名腐败的侦探潜入一个帮派,试图拯救他的女儿。有一天,他发现女儿将接受的心脏移植手术来自一位他诬陷的魔术师。

I AM FATHER: You'll really let me off the hook if you get your cut of this deal, right?翻译编辑
If this goes wrong, you're dead meat.翻译编辑
Come on.翻译编辑
Can't you trust me?翻译编辑
Trust me just this once!翻译编辑
Why else would they have a funeral every month?翻译编辑
They're drug dealers.翻译编辑
There's no corpse in the coffin.翻译编辑
Then what would be in there?翻译编辑
Hurry! Hurry!翻译编辑
Wow, is this a national gangster reunion?翻译编辑
Who the hell are you?翻译编辑
Look at this.翻译编辑
What does it say?翻译编辑
I'm a police, you piece of sh*t!翻译编辑
Stop it!翻译编辑
You don't know what I am?翻译编辑
I'm a cop, motherf***er!翻译编辑
Is there a problem?翻译编辑
What kind of funeral is this without even a picture of the dead?翻译编辑
Out of the way!翻译编辑
I needed a coffin.翻译编辑