Nomad: The Warrior 游牧战士 Movie Script



For centuries, the Great Asian region bordered by Russia and China has been home to my people, the Kazakhs - nomadic tribesmen roaming from one pasture to another.
Since the time of our legendary ancestor, Genghis Khan, hordes of foreign invaders have tried to conquer this land and put an end to our peaceful way of life.
Of all those who threatened the lives of my people, none were more brutal or determined than the ferocious Jungar tribesmen from Mongolia.
The Jungars brought war against us, yet the Kazakh tribal leaders were still unable to agree about how to unite the tribes against a deadly enemy.
Many of my people fled from the horrors of the war.
This period has become known as the "Flight With Bloody Feet."
Many more of us remained, hoping to see the fulfillment of the prophecy that one day a warrior descendant of Genghis Khan will rise up, and unite all the Kazakhs in a revolt against our enemies.
l, Oraz, have always believed l would see this come to pass and l have searched tirelessly, far and wide for the promised child.
1 71 0 - Kazakh Tribal Land Surround him!
Are you Oraz the Wise?
Yes, that is my name.
Galdan, the ruler of all Jungars, orders that we bring you to him.
You can inform your sovereign that l am a Kazakh, not a Jungar.
As such, l do not follow his orders.
lf you refuse to go willingly, we'll take you there by force.
Seize him!
Take him alive!
You must understand, Oraz, if we return without you, we'll lose our heads.
l should go then.
l don't want your children to curse my name.
l found him, my sovereign.
So you are Oraz the Wise?
l have heard much about you.
ls it true that you understand the language of all living creatures?
That talent belongs only to God.