I am about to tell you things 黄仁勋


I'm about to tell you things . I've never told anyone not even my family.

You know I was an immigrant , And when I came in 1973, I was 9, my older brother was almost 11.
This was a foreign contry and there was nothing easy about that .
And we also grew up in a ... really, really terrific parents, but we weren't wealthy.
And so, they worked hard. They work hard today..
So they passed along a lot of life lessons by working hard.
I had all kinds of jobs .
We went to a school (这个时候黄仁勋的表情还是明显变化,变得有些痛苦) that included a lot of chores.
I was the youngest kid in school, and so all of the other kids got the hard work.
They had to work in the tobacco farm, and I got the easy job.
I was 9 year old. So after they left, I have to clean all the bathrooms.
I never felt that I got the easy job because what they left behind was ... .
You can't unsee that kind of stuff(这时候他深吸了一口气).
But that was my job and so I did it delightfully. Then I had plenty of other jobs and Denny's (丹尼餐厅) was one of them.
I started out as a dishwasher and became a busboy and became a waiter.
And I loved every one of them. I love every one of them.
Somehow I've always found something you konw. I want to say joy, but that's not quite right.
I just everything that I was doing I wanted to do the best I could .
And maybe that was kind of ingrained from the very beginning, but I was definitely the best bathroom cleaner the world's ever seen. I'm sure of it.
There is a misunderstanding. There's a phrase that said "You should choose your career based on your passion."
And usually, people connect passion with happiness. And I think there is something missing in that. And when you're doing something that's not easy to do, you're not always enjoying it.
I don't love every day of my job. I don't think every day brings me joy.
Nor does joy have to be the definition of a good day.
So I think that what people misunderstand is somehow the best jobs are the ones that bring you happiness all the time.I don't think that's right.
You have to suffer. You have to struggle . You have to endeavor. You have to do those hard things and work through it in order to really appreciate what you've done.
There are no such things that are great that were easy to do.