Pearl Harbor: Into The Arizona 珍珠港:亚利桑那号探秘(2016) Movie Script


亚利桑那号航空母舰在珍珠港的海底休息了75年。 The USS Arizona has been resting on Pearl Harbor's ocean floor for the past 75 years. 自1941年被摧毁以来,科学家们首次掌握了深入观察船内的技术。亚利桑那号曾经被认为是其舰队的骄傲,现在它在珍珠号的浅水区发生了巨大的变化。对亚利桑那号航空母舰的全面搜索揭示了美国历史上最黑暗的日子之一。船内的发现清楚地提醒着所有为国家付出最终代价的人。探险队复述了经历过日本偷袭珍珠港事件的幸存者的个人故事。它还将亚利桑那号上的一名幸存者带回船上,这可能是最后一次看到这艘船。这是他从未想过会再看到的景象。

- [Narrator] It's an expedition like no other before.
- That's our entry point.
We're going to drop down in there.
Dave will feed the RV.
- Comm check, Scott.
- [Narrator] They are among the world's foremost underwater explorers.
- V tether.
- Copy that, we got a V tether.
- [Narrator] It's an exploration of America's most sacred war memorial.
The wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona.
- We want people to understand that this was a living, breathing ship.
- The ship is a war grave.
1,177 men died.
- There was devastation.
It was unbelievable.
- [Narrator] The attack on Pearl Harbor, an assault no one saw coming.
- We thought we were invincible.
They were coming right over us.
- And then we caught the big bomb.
- [Narrator] A blow that would sink the Arizona, and change the course of history.
- [President Roosevelt] December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.
- [Narrator] Now, 75 years later... - That is awesome.
- [Narrator] These explorers are setting out to bring the Arizona back to life.
- Wow, look at that.
- Unbelievable.