Pearl Harbor 珍珠港(2001) Movie Script


影片《珍珠港》是试金石公司2001年出品的一部剧情电影。由迈克尔·贝执导,本·阿弗莱克、凯特·贝金赛尔和乔什·哈奈特等联袂出演。影片于2001年5月25日在北美地区上映。 电影讲述了雷夫和丹尼这对好兄弟在参军时结识女护士伊夫林。雷夫主动请缨参加英国空军的作战,被击落掉进海里。而伊夫林得知噩耗悲痛万分。丹尼和伊夫林慢慢接近,互生爱慕,最后发生一夜情。

Out of BLACK we hear the sound of an airplane roaring by.
EXT. POV OF AN AIRPLANE Flying over American heartland. We see the earth through the pilot's perspective as sky and ground swap positions, the plane swooping down and storming over the ground.
is a biplane, racing over a field lush with young plants. It releases a trail of crop spray, and climbs again... Up into a crystalline blue sky where sunshine pours like honey over family farms stretching to the horizon. Maybe it's not heaven, maybe it's just Tennessee. But as long as there's been an America, men have fought and died for this place -- as volunteers.
Far off, but visible from the plane is A BARN - DAY The barn is unpainted except for hand lettering that says "McCawley Crop Dusting." Another plane noise, this one made by kids, brings us to TWO BOYS, sitting in the shell of an old plane propped on crates, scavenged of it's engine, seats, and wheels.
The boys sit in it's cockpit, butts crowded onto the nail keg they've replaced the seat with. They've even attached a 2x4 as propeller, as if their imaginations needed any help. They wear overalls and have bowl haircuts: RAFE and DANNY, 10 years old.
Bandits at 2 o'clock.
Power dive!
They buzz their lips in a flying noise and work the controls, Rafe's bare feet on one pedal, Danny's on the other.
It's Germans!
Kill the bastards!
Rafe looks at Danny in shock -- then they both laugh and go right back into their game, manufacturing their own machine gun and engine sounds.
Good shooting, Danny!
Good shooting, Rafe!
Land of the free...
Home of the brave!
There's another one!
Their vocal motors roar again... But a man's hand grabs Danny by the straps of his overalls and jerks him from the cockpit.
It's Danny's FATHER and he's a fearsome sight; drunk, his hair uncombed, his face unshaven, his teeth -- those still left -- are rotting. He's also missing an arm; but the one that's left is potent, and he's shaking Danny with it.
DANNY'S FATHER You no count boy! Johnson come lookin', said he'd pay a dime for you to shovel his pig shed, and I can't find you no place.
Daddy, I told you I was comin' here.
His father slaps him off his feet. Rafe is so horrified he can't get a sound out. Danny isn't even surprised. But when his father snatches him up again, twisting the overall straps so tight they choke him, he struggles. It does no good; his father starts marching across the field, dragging and strangling Danny.
Da!... Dad... The father's drunken anger makes him oblivious -- until CRACK! The 2x4 propeller slams him across the back, knocking him to the ground and making him drop Danny.
The father rolls over to see 10-year-old Rafe, holding the 2x4 like a bat.
Let him alone!
The father's eyes bulge in rage; he struggles to his feet.