vt. 规定;提供;准备;装备


Mr. Sparrow, you will accompany these fine men to the helm and provide us with a bearing to Isla de Muerta.
>> Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 加勒比海盗:黑珍珠号的诅咒 Movie Script
You seek in this place what only faith can provide.
>> Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪 Movie Script
Ah, Master Gibbs, storer of the map. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to provide us a heading.
>> Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪 Movie Script
Two smaller ROVs will provide Don with the opportunity to have a peek inside the ship.
>> Pearl Harbor: Into The Arizona 珍珠港:亚利桑那号探秘(2016) Movie Script
A swimming suit or swimming costume is a piece of clothing designed to be worn while swimming. It covers a person's body and reduces friction while swimming. Most swimsuits are designed to cover the body from the shoulder to the groin and extend below the waist One-pieces. Swimsuits are often made of spandex or polyester. Polyester suits are more durable and offer better UV protection than other materials. Lycra suits provide better Fit, Support, and Comfort than other materials.
>> 2024-03 double-sided
We try to take care of our people, so we provide some basic health coverage.
>> 成人世界 Adult World (2013) Movie Script
l can't provide milk or make a meal of grain.
>> 1900 Movie Script
The Taliban aren't gonna provide you jobs.
>> 战争机器 War Machine (2017) Movie Script
We're here to provide security.
>> 战争机器 War Machine (2017) Movie Script
You train up the local forces so that they can provide the security for themselves.
>> 战争机器 War Machine (2017) Movie Script
You provide security for the people so that that democracy can take root.
>> 战争机器 War Machine (2017) Movie Script
“You don’t want to make too many mistakes in this part of the country,” Augustus said. “You’ll end up bearshit.” “Take Pea,” Call said. “Pea can follow orders.” “Yes, that’s what he can do,” Augustus said. “I guess I’ll take him, though he won’t provide much conversation.” Pea Eye was not enthusiastic about going on a scout with Gus, but since the Captain told him to, he tied his bedroll on his saddle and got ready. Other than securing his bedroll, his preparations consisted mainly of sharpening his knife. One thing Pea Eye firmly believed was that it was foolish to start on a trip without a sharp knife. Inevitably on a trip there were things that needed cutting or skinning or trimming. Once his knife was sharp, Pea Eye was ready, more or less. He knewhe wouldn’t get much relaxation on the trip because he was traveling with Gus, and Gus talked all the time. It was hard to relax when he had to be constantly listening. Besides, Gus was always asking questions which were hard to understand, much less answer.
>> Lonesome Dove 孤鸽镇
But now July had left him on a river where there wasn’t even a bush. He would have to sleep flat out on the ground or else sit up all night. The sky was pale with moonlight, but it didn’t provide enough light to see well by. Soon Roscoe began to get very nervous. Everywhere he looked he began to see things that could have been Indians. He decided to cock his pistol, in case some of the things were Indians.
>> Lonesome Dove 孤鸽镇
The young bartender didn’t alter his pace, but he did provide two glasses and walked slowly back to get a bottle of whiskey.
>> Lonesome Dove 孤鸽镇
“I admit I was inspired,” Augustus said. He knew his friend was in a silent fury, but he himself thought the visit might provide a little amusement. It had been in short supply lately. The only thing there had been to laugh at was Allen O’Brien getting pitched into a pile of prickly pears by a bronc. When he emerged he even had thorns in his beard.
>> Lonesome Dove 孤鸽镇
He himself had a linen tablecloth which he brought out once a year, on the anniversary of the death of his wife. His wife had been a bully and he didn’t miss her, but it was the only occasion sufficient to provide an excuse for the use of a tablecloth in Lonesome Dove. His wife, whose name had been Therese, had bullied horses, too, which is why his team had run off and flung themselves and the buggy into a gully, the buggy landing right on top of Therese. At the annual dinner in her honor Xavier proved that he was still a restaurateur of discipline by getting drunk without spilling a drop on the fine tablecloth. Augustus was the only one invited to the dinners, but he only came every three or four years, out of politeness; not only were the occasions mournful and silly—everyone in Lonesome Dove had been glad to see the last of Therese—they were mildly dangerous. Augustus was neither as disciplined a drinker as Xavier nor as particular about tablecloths, either, and he knew that if he spilled liquor on the precious linen the situation would end badly. He would not likely have to shoot Xavier, but it might be necessary to whack him on the head, and Augustus hated to hit such a small head with such a large pistol.
>> Lonesome Dove 孤鸽镇
I sure hope Leo had the good sense to provide for an emergency like this.
>> 倒扣的王牌 Ace in the Hole (1951) Movie Script
It's now the center for property assessment We provide whatever the Reich needs - Have you finished the last pages?
>> 布达佩斯之恋Gloomy Sunday AKA The Piano Player) Movie Script
They depend on me for whatever I can provide.
>> 火箭小子-十月的天空 1999 October Sky Movie Script
* * * * * * * 230D SCENES 230D - 230E OMITTED 230D* 230F INT. U.S. ATTORNEY’S OFFICE - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY 230F* OFF A “COOPERATION AGREEMENT,” we find -* -- Nolan Drager, Lucas Solomon, Rochelle Applebaum andAgent Denham all back at the conference table, readingcopies of the same contract. Lucas does so aloud: LUCAS SOLOMON: Paragraph 2. The defendant shall provide information regarding allcriminal activities of the defendant and others from June 1st, 1990, onwards. Paragraph 3.
>> 华尔街之狼 The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Script
To provide security, peace to the galaxy.
>> 长城 The Great Wall Movie Script
Only with the food they provide.
>> 长城 The Great Wall Movie Script
(beat) I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it. I'd prefer you just said thank you and went on your way.
>> 好人寥寥 A Few Good Men Movie Script
SANTIAGO (V.O.) "P.S. In exchange for my transfer off the base, I'm willing to provide you with information about an illegal fenceline shooting that occurred the night of August 2nd." And as these last words are spoken, we PULL BACK TO REVEAL COLONEL NATHAN R. JESSEP, who drops the letter he's been reading on his desk, where it joins a stack of other letters just like it.
>> 好人寥寥 A Few Good Men Movie Script
Wall Street would provide my nest egg, but then how far could I go?
>> 永无止境 Limitless Movie Script