2023-11 wear makeup


How may I help you? Ben, I'm not mad at you. When I'm tired, I don't like to talk to people. Let's get a coffee. I will feel better later.

In my family, everyone plays golf, except for me. I'm the only one who doesn't play it.
Eddy is in the kitchen at the office where he works.
He stole my ham sandwich yesterday!
Well, I have a delicious turkey sandwich today.
Well, I'm allergic to bananas.
China simply doesn't have to go after foreigners to turn up a profit.
He had a conversation with his teacher last week.
she is on a tour of Paris.
my flght is leaving soon.
I have to move to Barcelona for work.
I wanted to break up with you because I need more independence.
Great! I'll drive you to the airport!
one day, the queen was missing.
the king has a horse that runs very fast.
There's the monster, let's go somewhere else!
we must go somewhere else to find the queen.
how many times did you change planes?
what are some arguments against people donating major sums of money into politics?
what do Palestinians in Gaza want to happen during the four-day truce?
I'm going to buy this shirt and leave, but there are several people in front of me. I have to wait in line.
Emma would like to try this jacket on.
is this the shop that Lisa usually goes to?
How may I help you?