2024-01-the grilled cheese sandwich


various a variety of == various 都是各种各样的. I love this place. I always order the grilled cheese sandwich. if you have a why, you can bear any how. The Coffee Artist Oscar is at the counter of a new coffee shop. This coffee is terrible! But this is the way I always make coffee. You don't understand. The milk is too hot. I don't know what you want. I already made three coffees for you. Please move. I'll show you how to make it. Oscar goes behind the counter and makes a perfect cup of coffee. The employee tries it. Wow, it's… amazing! I know. A great cup of coffee is like art! Another customer walks over to Oscar. One coffee, please. Oscar makes another perfect coffee. Wow, this is the best coffee I've ever had! I know. Please tell all your friends about our amazing coffee! Hours later, there's a long line in front of the coffee shop. Eddy arrives. Oscar! Do you work here now? No, I don't! But no one else can make a great cup of coffee! Are they paying you? I'm not doing this for money. This is art. So is the coffee free, then? No. A cup of coffee costs five dollars. And you have to stand in line.

There won't be anyone working at the front desk at 2 a.m.
He has not taken any exams yet.Ben has only taken the Gaokao once.
if you have a why, you can bear any how.
Have you taken the geography exam yet?
He hasn't prepared for the SAT yet.
She hasn't prepared for the chemistry exam yet.
I'm prepraring for the chemistry exam.
He passed the physics exam.
We both got a B in geography.
I got a C in 'history last year.
You can 'always get good grades.
I got an A on English exam.
Did you get a good score on the Gaokao?
Will we get our report cards this week or next week?
our report 这个连读加上 port p重音, oure 'port, 初听不容易听懂.
Did she pass or fail the exam?
I'm sure that he'll fail the exam.
Everyone makes mistakes.
everyone, 重音在头, mistakes ,重音在第一个s. mis|takes 第一个s的音要发的很清楚,而且要比结尾的s要短促和音重,这样就有了句子的起伏感.
He's already failed the English exam twice.
He's already passed that exam.
She's failed the geography exam twice.
I'll take six classes next semester.
He'll take two English classes next semester.
we graduated from high school last year.
美 /ˈɡrædʒueɪtɪd/
I've already passed all of my exams.
Here's your diploma.