A Walk Through the Woods


[00:00.95]Lesson 143 [00:03.87]A walk through the woods [00:07.33]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.86]What was so funny about the words on the sign? [00:19.84]I live in a very old town which is surrounded by beautiful woods. [00:28.00]It is a famous beauty spot. [00:32.06]On Sundays, hundreds of people come from the city to see our town and to walk through the woods. [00:42.50]Visitors have been asked to keep the woods clean and tidy. [00:49.55]Litter baskets have been placed under the trees, but people still throw their rubbish everywhere. [00:58.99]Last Wednesday, I went for a walk in the woods. [01:05.51]What I saw made me very sad. [01:10.74]I counted seven old cars and three old refrigerators. [01:18.12]The litter baskets were empty and the ground was covered with pieces of paper, [01:25.80]cigarette ends, old tyres, empty bottles and rusty tins. [01:34.49]Among the rubbish, I found a sign which said, 'Anyone who leaves litter in these woods will be prosecuted!'