Sally's First Train Ride


[00:00.63]Lesson 141 [00:03.46]Sally's first train ride [00:07.64]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.15]Why was the mother embarrassed? [00:17.91]Last week, my four-year-old daughter, Sally, was invited to a children's party. [00:26.47]I decided to take her by train. [00:30.67]Sally was very excited because she had never travelled on a train before. [00:39.52]She sat near the window and asked questions about everything she saw. [00:48.09]Suddenly, a middle-age lady got on the train and sat opposite Sally. [00:58.15]'Hello, little girl,' she said. [01:02.42]Sally did not answer, but looked at her curiously. [01:08.69]The lady was dressed in a blue coat and a large, funny hat. [01:16.20]After the train had left the station, the lady opened her handbag and took out her powder compact. [01:27.12]She then began to make up her face. [01:32.76]'Why are you doing that?' Sally asked. [01:37.49]'To make myself beautiful,' the lady answered. [01:43.31]She put away her compact and smiled kindly. [01:49.49]'But you are still ugly,' Sally said. [01:54.63]Sally was amused, but I was very embarrassed!