Flat tire 爆胎


Flat Tire Vikram and Priti are on vacation 在度假 . While they're driving, their car suddenly makes a loud noise. Vikram stops the car on the side of the road. Oh no! What's wrong? Our car has a flat tire! And we don't have a spare tire. Let's walk back to the vacation house. It's only a mile from here. But it's raining! Don't worry! I have an umbrella. They get out of the car and start walking together. I'm so sorry, Priti. This is the worst vacation ever! No, it's not! This is actually just like our honeymoon! Oh, you're right! We had a car problem, and we walked five miles to the hotel… But I forgot the key to our room, so I climbed through the window! Then you opened the door for me. You surprised me with flowers! That was a wonderful day. They arrive at the vacation house. We're here! Let's go inside. Wait… I can't find the key.