Football or Polo?


[00:09.99]What happened to the man in the boat? [00:13.78]The Wayle is a small river that cuts across the park near my home. [00:20.02]I like sitting by the Wayle on fine afternoons. [00:24.73]It was warm last Sunday, so I went and sat on the river bank as usual. [00:32.21]Some children were playing games on the bank and there were some people rowing on the river. [00:39.58]Suddenly, one of the children kicked a ball very hard and it went towards a passing boat. [00:48.04]Some people on the bank called out to the man in the boat, but he did not hear them. [00:55.56]The ball struck him so hard that he nearly fell into the water. [01:02.52]I turned to look at the children, but there weren't any in sight: they had all run away! [01:10.23]The man laughed when he realized what had happened. [01:14.83]He called out to the children and threw the ball back to the bank.