One Man in a Boat


[00:11.03]Why is fishing the writer's favourite sport? [00:15.90]Fishing is my favourite sport. [00:18.88]I often fish for hours without catching anything. [00:24.11]But this does not worry me. [00:27.65]Some fishermen are unlucky. [00:30.69]Instead of catching fish, [00:33.27]they catch old boots and rubbish. [00:37.33]I am even less lucky. [00:40.24]I never catch anything -- not even old boots. [00:46.48]After having spent whole mornings on the river, [00:50.52]I always go home with an empty bag. [00:54.86]'You must give up fishing!' my friends say. 'It's a waste of time.' [01:02.50]But they don't realize one important thing. [01:07.05]I'm not really interested in fishing. [01:10.78]I am only interested in sitting in a boat and doing nothing at all!

I am even less lucky.I never catch anything -- not even old boots.