This Tastes Strange


Eddy is eating something he found in the fridge. Junior? This dessert tastes strange. What dessert? The dessert that was in the fridge. That wasn't a dessert. That was my science project. I thought it looked a little green… How long was it in the fridge? Since November. It's March now. I feel sick. What's wrong? I have a stomachache… Hmm. Does it hurt when I poke your stomach here? No. What if I poke you here? Ouch! Interesting… How does your body feel? My body feels cold… should I go to the hospital? Maybe. What else is wrong? My mouth is dry. Now my mouth is wet. Now it's dry again! Is my face blue? It is! Cool! I think I'm dying. I'm going to lie down. Wait! I need to write this in my notebook! Because you want to tell the doctor? No. Because I want to tell my teacher! You're my new science project!