Tickets, Please.


[00:01.01]Lesson 95 [00:03.52]Tickets, please. [00:06.52]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.47]Why did George and Ken miss the train? [00:19.39]Two return tickets to London, please. [00:23.44]What time will the next train leave? [00:27.22]At nineteen minutes past eight. [00:31.52]Which platform? [00:33.40]Platform Two. [00:35.18]Over the bridge. [00:38.23]What time will the next train leave? [00:42.16]At eight nineteen. [00:44.95]We've got plenty of time. [00:48.56]It's only three minutes to eight. [00:52.53]Let's go and have a drink. [00:55.53]There's a bar next door to the station. [01:00.69]We had better go back to the station now, Ken. [01:05.80]Tickets, please. [01:08.23]We want to catch the eight nineteen to London. [01:12.91]You've just missed it! [01:15.70]What! [01:17.02]It's only eight fifteen. [01:20.19]I'm sorry, sir. [01:22.24]That clock's ten minutes slow. [01:26.16]When's the next train? [01:28.77]In five hours' time! 看看剑桥词典(Cambridge Dictionary)的解释: In the UK,a returen ticket is a ticket for travel to a place and back again,在英国,return ticket是指一张去某个地方并回来的票,也就是往返票; In the US,a returen ticket is a ticket for the return part of a journey,在美国,return ticket才是单指回来那部分旅程要用到的票,也就是返程票。 举个例子,假如你在英国,到剑桥大学(Cambridge)买票,说a return ticket to Oxford,那就是从剑桥大学到牛津大学,然后再从牛津大学回到剑桥大学的往返票。 另外,记住美式英语要表示“往返票”的话,你需要说:round-trip ticket。