A Small Blue Case


[00:00.57]Lesson 97 [00:02.83]A small blue case [00:07.03]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.79]Does Mr. Hall get his case back? [00:18.40]I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. [00:24.39]Can you describe it, sir? [00:27.81]It's a small blue case and it's got a zip. [00:34.27]There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it. [00:40.41]Is this case yours? [00:43.14]No, that's not mine. [00:45.83]What about this one? [00:48.25]This one's got a label. [00:51.51]Let me see it. [00:53.98]What's your name and address? [00:57.50]David Hall, 83, Bridge Street. [01:02.64]That's right. [01:04.14]D. N. Hall, 83, Bridge Street. [01:09.99]Three pounds fifty pence, please. [01:13.69]Here you are. [01:15.52]Thank you. [01:16.89]Hey! [01:18.11]What's the matter? [01:20.09]This case doesn't belong to me! [01:24.56]You've given me the wrong case!