Too Late


[00:09.23]Did the detectives save the diamonds? [00:14.04]The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the airport all morning. [00:20.38]They were expecting a valuable parcel of diamonds from South Africa. [00:26.06]A few hours earlier, [00:28.29]someone had told the police that [00:30.52]thieves would try to steal the diamonds. [00:34.32]When the plane arrived, [00:36.57]some of the detectives were waiting [00:38.70]inside the main building [00:40.80]while others were waiting on the airfield. [00:44.89]Two men took the parcel off the plane [00:48.13]and carried it into the Customs House. [00:51.80]While two detectives were keeping guard at the door, [00:55.93]two others opened the parcel. [00:58.93]To their surprise, [01:00.98]the precious parcel was full of stones and sand!