2023-11 wear makeup

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How may I help you? Ben, I'm not mad at you. When I'm tired, I don't like to talk to people. Let's get a coffee. I will feel better later.

She never wears makeup.编辑
If you have food in your mouth,don't talk.翻译编辑
Storms always bring strong wind and heavy rain.翻译编辑
They camped next to the beach yesterday.翻译编辑
How many tomatoes are there in a bag?翻译编辑
And did you like my presentation at the meeting today?编辑
Did you try the cake I brought for Brenda's birthday?翻译编辑
I'll also stay at work late. Every day!翻译编辑
Can I give you my resume?翻译编辑
This can take up to 30 days.翻译编辑
Storms always bring strong wind and heavy rain.翻译编辑
When she's in class, she always talks to her classmates.翻译编辑
This seat is taken, I'm sorry.翻译编辑
what's the first letter of you last name?翻译编辑
how long did you camp at the park?翻译编辑
He has a cold, but he will feel better soon. Do you miss your best friend?翻译编辑
Before I started the job, I had no preconceived notions of what it would be like.编辑
if you want to do well on the test, take notes.翻译编辑
I had a busy day, so i was tired.翻译编辑
Emma, if you find a job right now, you'll need to work every day. Let's go somewhere together! I want to visit places around the world!翻译编辑
Please listen to me, Emma. These days you earn more money, but have less time. You're not happy. You need a simple life.翻译编辑
Anna, you need a vacation. Can you take a day off? We can go surfing if you are available. There's a great beach at the national park.翻译编辑
Let's fly a kite together!let's go skiing. let's go surfing.翻译编辑
You should take a day off! They will play volleyball, if they go to the national park.翻译编辑
There's too much sun outside.翻译编辑