2023-8 Living Things can acquire a purpose


Living things can acquire a purpose. Purpose to better itself. 只要活着就都能够获得一个让自己变的更好的目标。

Why do some countries want budget travelers to stay away?
When did you finish eating dinner last night?
What are you going to have for lunch today?
Your water bottle is dirty.
We were only five minutes late for school.
you're a terrible cook.
sport utility vehicle; mpv:multi purpose vehicle.
The bedroom on the right is mine.
bedroom 发音 be-dr-oom
The workers were on a business trip last week.
Do you do business with banks in Europe?
Is there a problem with your laptop?
These are the dresses I am thinking of.
What is his favorite toy?
are you speaking to Anna right now.
Did Anna do well on the art test?
You don't even sleep outside!
Can you get a few onions at the store?