2307-First grade of primary school



He doesn't play basketball very well.
Duo doesn't remember the answer to that question.
We have worked here for ten years.
can we go there again?
Can we have ice cream for dinner?
can we have ice (这里连读 vice)cream for dinner. can we ha vice
She does not draw very well.
How do you say this word?
I was ten minutes late for the test yesterday.
I forgot to give the teacher my homework.
Why were you thirty minutes late for work yesterday?
The government is super rich because it stole money and land from the people 0 years ago after their successful coup, they promised to give it back in equally distributed portions, but never did.
Communism is a noble idea on paper but it never worked in reality because trusting the government to give back the entirety of the country’s wealth to it’s people, is like giving a mountain of cocaine to drug addicts and trust them to give the cocaine away to everyone they know in equal portions.
That’s why communism always turn into oligarchy.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and Ukraine is rising to the challenge.
I got up and then took a shower.