2309-World Rally Championship-WRC


世界汽车拉力锦标赛 (WRC)是与F1齐名的另一个世界顶级汽车赛事。 各队车手驾驶经过专业改装的量产车,转战全球各地,战胜包括沙石、冰雪、柏油、泥泽、雨地在内数千公里的种种恶劣地形,力拼11个月才能决出最终的王者。 被誉为世界上最严苛的 汽车拉力赛 。 中文名 世界汽车拉力锦标赛 外文名 World Rally Championship 简 称 WRC 主办单位 国际汽联(FIA) 分 类 赛车,体育 范 围 国际赛事. 不规则动词构成的过去分词可能以-en、-t、-d和-n结尾。例如include swollen, burnt, hoped, and broken(肿胀,烧伤,希望和破碎)。有些过去分词与不规则动词的基本形式相同,如set和cut。

CSA(Community Support Agriculture).
I'll always be your best friend.
I'll alawys 连读 I lal ways( I lao weis)
how was the picnic last month?
I met her at noon today.
I met herat noon today. her at 连读。
I have been to that lake.
Grandpa wore a black suit then.
They got back from Australia last weekend.
what kind of sport do you like?
Zari runs to Lily in the hall at school.
And we'll have a scooter and a cat named Fellini!
Those questions are from his textbook. He's just practicing his English.
You forgot the shoes and the meat is good stir or deep fried. Yum!
Couple of fruitcakes! It’s pathetic what some low listed celebrities will do to gain publicity! They are a joke!
I don't want anything to drink.
I'd like another dessert.
So farewell, TypeScript. May you bring much rigor and satisfaction to your tribe while letting the rest of us enjoy JavaScript in the glorious spirit it was originally designed: Free of strong typing.
A farewell to welfare.
fare 远行,走 + well 好
Programmers' thinking when writing code should be proactive, clear, and active, rather than passive or lazy.
I have been to that lake.
Would you like something to eat or to drink?
Hiking is taking a long walk outside. Mountains are popular places for hiking.
Do you want to go swimming?
Tom has always hated rock climbing.
Oscar and Duo won the singing competition! They're so good at singing!
They went running together yesterday.