2024-02 stunt double 特技替身


stunt 特技, double 双重的,间谍

I will be sleeping at that time.
Did you get this ring for free?
Have you ever traveled to a country in Europe?
Next time you're in Berlin, you must try the sausage there.
I've been to Germany, but I've never tried the sausage.
I've been to the Eiffel Tower twice.
I've met interesting people all over Europe!
Have you ever taken the train anywhere in Europe?
I've taken the train from Germany to the south of Spain.
She's flown in a helicopter twice.
Has he ever climbed the highest mountain in Spain?
This pilot has flown helicopters for twenty years.
I've flown all over Europe because I'm a pilot.
The name derives from stunt doubles in movies that stand in for the real actor when a difficult stunt needs to be done.
Text me when you get back home.
He has a few new hobbies, such as cycling and fishing.
Could you give us a ride to the bus station?
The hotel might not offer breakfast.
Since then, we've traveled all over Europe.
He's worked as a pilot for about thirty years.
He's flown in a helicopter from France to Spain!
This pilot has flown helicopters for twenty years.
I've always loved French food, it's delicious!
Soccer is OK, but I am a huge fan of hockey!
Is the pilot of the helicopter in this photograph?