Oscar in Los Angeles


Oscar in Los Angeles 奥斯卡在洛杉矶 Oscar is visiting his cousin, Orson, in Los Angeles. He walks into the kitchen with his camera and guidebook. Good morning, Oscar! I'm working today, but I can give you directions to any place in the city! Oscar points to a page in the guidebook. Where's the famous sidewalk with all the stars on the ground? That's on the west side of the city. You have to drive on the highway for an hour and get off on Hollywood Boulevard. An hour?! That's too long. How far is the Hollywood sign from here? That's in the north part of town. You'll have to drive straight on Vermont Avenue for an hour. Maybe I'll go to Malibu. Oh no. If you want to go there, then you'll be in traffic for at least two hours. Is there any place that takes less than an hour to get to? The art museum is only fifty-nine minutes from here! Oscar leaves the kitchen. So, where are you going? You just got a new TV, right? Yes! It's in the living room. That's where I'm going.