2024-6 Do you have a deck of cards?


a deck of The first place player will get a prize. Lisa has the same nose as her mother.

She always wants to impose her will on other people.
I put the water from a vase on the fire!
Vikram gives his wife the flowers. They're ruined.
we may watch the sunrise on Sunday morning.
We had a good time running yesterday!
I plan on living on an island this summer.
Do you know the time when happy hour ends?
I think it was because of the meditation candles.
I don't work in the engineering department and the design department.
Do you know the time when happy hour ends?
She stops a well-dressed woman leaving the store.
I don't like to eat at fast food restaurants.
Many of the fast food restaurants offer kids' meals.
The price includes breakfast.
I love roust duck and grilled vegetables.
On a normal day, people finish work at six.
Do you remember the day when we first met?
Emma offered to show me around the city.
Do you know any celebrities?
Paparazzi follow celebrities everywhere.
I see. I moved to LATAM, partly because I'm closer to the US time zones and don't have to stay up late. Now my curse is that I have to sync with my team in EU who start work at 3-4 am my time.
It takes more than luck to find a good wife!
I got engaged!
When did Adele record this new song?
I love all of Michael Jackson's albums!