2024-5 Tai Chi and Yoga



Why don't you do Tai Chi with us this afternoon?
He got an X-ray before he took the medicine.
He broke his right ankle, and it hurts badly.
Be honest. You don't keep your word in business, you have no business.
The first one is be an expert about what you're talking about.
Don't be a fool listen to the Internet. Do you research. Do you homework, and know more than anybody knows. And you can build an incredible career on very little money.
How did you escape poverty and how did you break that cycle?
Be tougher than poverty.
Standing out is the most important thing. AI is going to replace commonality. You got to use your brain. You got to be creative. You got to be inventive. You got to find an another angle in.Don't do the same thing.
Does this wool scarf come in green?
Does this wool scarf come in green?
we should get gas, shouldn't we?
He bought some lemonade and a bag of potato chips.
Let's hang out!
I'll put you through to Ben.
some words:
curtain, certain; hear, hair, hire; flea market; caps; wool;lemonade;get gas.
It's something just to look nice.
take a quick break;salesperson;single-sided;go skiing; rocket racket jacket; sandwich.
What about five, I mean, five thirty?
Did she hang up on you?
You can't lie on the couch all day.
Double-sided or single-sided?
Did you save the file on your laptop?
Poor Tom wasn't able to download the file.
What's your occupation?