Today I am going to have instant spicy noodles

Mooneye发布于26 Jun 06:53

instant spicy noodle 麻辣方便面

This is a quick snack.翻译编辑
I have my bowl, my chopsticks, a kettle of boiling water and these are my scissors.翻译编辑
so I'm going to cut (we call this cutting) off the top of this packet and I'll take out the sauce of flavoring and inside here the noodles.翻译编辑
I need to cut open this packet with my scissors and I am going to put those into the bowl and pour on some very hot water boiling water.翻译编辑
I'll leave those to cook a little bit and just ... And then in the packet there should be two types of sauce. and I think this is probably spice in this packet.翻译编辑
Cut the top off that in it goes ,oh it's a sort of green. I think it's vegetable some sort of vegetable and into I'm going to put the sauce, not the plastic that can come out, right that goes in and then there's one other sauce here. so I'll cut the top of that, pour that in.翻译编辑
so I'll just give it a bit of a stir. and then on top I'm going to put a lid, and let it cook for a little while.编辑
Instant is a word for something that happens immediately.翻译编辑
I mean this is instant food. You could say I'll be with you in an instant, meaning I'll be with you immediately, not very long. very soon.翻译编辑
so now five minutes is up.编辑
when something is up, it means it's finished or it's ready.翻译编辑
And so I'm going to remove the lid.翻译编辑
this is the lid and the action of taking it off. we say removing. put it to on side.翻译编辑
And I'll just give these noddles a stir to make sure all the ingredients are mixed in.编辑
that looks about right actually.翻译编辑
It smells very very good and with my chopsticks I'm just going to sample.翻译编辑
That is excellent. And Henri is going to try my noddles.翻译编辑
Just a taste. when you say just a taste it means a small portion. Just to get a taste of the food.翻译编辑
I'm not sure Henri's reaction to that.翻译编辑