2310 Do you have any ideas for the new project


eat soup; eat lunch; 吃汤,吃午饭; take medicines,无论是什么形式的,不管是注射进去、喝进去、输血进去、转移性吸收进去、手术植入进去,或是通过药消化进去,都可以用take表示。 吃药不是eat, eat大多表示要咀嚼. have的意思比较泛,有点像,来点药,来点汤。

Rainy and foggy weather slow down.
A ramp is a sloping surface between two places that are at different levels.
minimum viable product, Ruby On Rails developer to create a whole MVP Backend.
Art may be used as a vehicle for propaganda.
An enemy/ ally has been slain.
You shouldn't allow your job to dominate your life like that.
China doesn't have the intention to dominate.
I need to get on a train to London.
I got lost in her beautiful eyes.
I'm on a tour of Shanghai.
Whatever we say, they will not change their agenda towards us. We bring them in, they will say we lie. So every second we waste in justifying to them about us is a second they gain in keeping us behind. Time will show who is right. Time we can use to work and develop for the people of China and for all the people around the world and time they should use to harp on their anti china agenda instead of their own reforms.
You don't want to run code on your server which your users wrote.
How to troubleshoot RubyGems and Bundler TLS/SSL Issues.
To get there, you need to drive through the mountains.
What time would you like to make an appointment for?
Duo can't move his left leg.
Duo的左腿不能动。这里的是duo不能移动他的腿,中文表达是 他的腿不能动。中英文思维差别: 我的腿不能动 和 我不能移动我的腿。
Drink some water,and get some rest.
Did you hurt your leg last night? Did you break your leg last night?
When will Dr. Wang be available?
You shouldn't go to work today,you should stay homel.
You need more work.
You nee more work. 这个d的音几乎没有发出来,you neemore work。。
You should finish the exam by noon on Tuesday. Please remember to send it to me before 12 p.m. on Tuesday.
Don't walk.Run. We need a hurry.
When something happens at the same time every week or month, it is regular.
Let's meet to discuss this idea.