A Card From Jimmy


[00:00.81]Lesson 101 [00:04.29]A card from Jimmy [00:07.43]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.94]Does grandmother seem pleased to get a card from Jimmy? Why/Why not? [00:23.61]Read Jimmy's card to me please, Penny. [00:28.94]'I have just arrived in Scotland and I'm staying at a Youth Hostel.' [00:37.16]Eh? [00:38.97]He says he's just arrived in Scotland. [00:44.04]He says he's staying at a Youth Hostel. [00:49.41]You know he's a member of the Y.H.A. [00:56.34]The what? [00:58.18]The Y.H.A., Mum. [01:01.31]The Youth Hostels Association. [01:05.82]What else does he say? [01:09.36]'I'll write a letter soon. [01:12.45]I hope you are all well.' [01:16.64]What? Speak up, Penny. [01:20.30]I'm afraid I can't hear you. [01:24.20]He says he'll write a letter soon. [01:28.45]He hopes we are all well. [01:32.60]'Love, Jimmy.' [01:35.71]Is that all? [01:37.91]He doesn't say very much, does he? [01:42.43]He can't write very much on a card, Mum.