The French Test


[00:00.66]Lesson 103 [00:03.54]The French test [00:06.77]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.82]How long did the exam last? [00:17.91]How was the exam, Richard? [00:20.80]Not too bad. [00:22.56]I think I passed in English and Mathematics. [00:27.28]The questions were very easy. [00:30.34]How about you, Gary? [00:33.99]The English and Maths papers weren't easy enough for me. [00:39.98]I hope I haven't failed. [00:42.79]I think I failed the French paper. [00:46.60]I could answer sixteen of the questions. [00:50.56]They were very easy. [00:53.03]But I couldn't answer the rest. [00:56.21]They were too difficult for me. [01:00.29]French tests are awful, aren't they? [01:03.85]I hate them. [01:05.72]I'm sure I've got a low mark. [01:10.13]Oh, cheer up! [01:12.73]Perhaps we didn't do too badly. [01:17.01]The guy next to me wrote his name at the top of the paper. [01:22.53]Yes? [01:24.11]Then he sat there and looked at it for three hours! [01:29.36]He didn't write a word!