[00:00.65]Lesson 99 [00:02.85]Ow! [00:04.74]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:10.49]Must Andy go to see the doctor? [00:15.56]Ow! [00:17.05]What's the matter, Andy? [00:20.06]I slipped and fell downstairs. [00:23.62]Have you hurt yourself? [00:26.46]Yes, I have. [00:28.48]I think that I've hurt my back. [00:32.54]Try and stand up. [00:35.29]Can you stand up? [00:37.45]Here. [00:38.53]Let me help you. [00:41.51]I'm sorry, Lucy. [00:43.99]I'm afraid that I can't get up. [00:48.04]I think that the doctor had better see you. [00:52.97]I'll phone Dr. Carter. [00:56.97]The doctor says that he will come at once. [01:01.83]I'm sure that you need an X-ray, Andy.