A Cold Welcome


[00:09.41]What does 'a cold welcome' refer to? [00:15.22]On Wednesday evening, we went to the Town Hall. [00:19.29]It was the last day of the year [00:21.86]and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. [00:27.32]It would strike twelve in twenty minutes' time. [00:31.52]Fifteen minutes passed and then, [00:34.22]at five to twelve, the clock stopped. [00:37.85]The big minute hand did not move. [00:40.74]We waited and waited, [00:43.35]but nothing happened. [00:45.14]Suddenly someone shouted. [00:47.69]'It's two minutes past twelve! [00:50.72]The clock has stopped!' [00:53.03]I looked at my watch. [00:54.70]It was true. [00:56.43]The big clock refused to welcome the New Year. [01:00.66]At that moment, everybody began to laugh and sing.