Not for Jazz


[00:08.89]What happened to the clavichord? [00:12.57]We have an old musical instrument. [00:16.10]It is called a clavichord. [00:18.91]It was made in Germany in 1681. [00:23.78]Our clavichord is kept in the living room. [00:27.31]It has belonged to our family for a long time. [00:31.61]The instrument was bought by my grandfather many years ago. [00:36.42]Recently it was damaged by a visitor. [00:39.87]She tried to play jazz on it! [00:42.88]She struck the keys too hard and two of the strings were broken. [00:48.43]My father was shocked. [00:51.32]Now we are not allowed to touch it. [00:54.36]It is being repaired by a friend of my father's.