A Famous Actress


[00:00.67]Lesson 127 [00:03.53]A famous actress [00:06.54]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.14]Who is only twenty-nine, and why is it so unclear? [00:20.60]Can you recognize that woman, Liz? [00:25.13]I think I can, Kate. [00:28.27]It must be Karen Marsh, the actress. [00:33.29]I thought so. [00:35.36]Who's that beside her? [00:38.30]That must be Conrad Reeves. [00:42.79]Conrad Reeves, the actor? [00:45.91]It can't be. [00:47.84]Let me have another look. [00:51.49]I think you're right! [00:53.62]Isn't he her third husband? [00:57.46]No. [00:58.91]He must be her fourth or fifth. [01:03.89]Doesn't Karen Marsh look old! [01:07.51]She does, doesn't she! [01:11.03]I read she's twenty-nine, but she must be at least forty. [01:19.16]I'm sure she is. [01:22.52]She was a famous actress when I was still at school. [01:28.89]That was a long time ago, wasn't it? [01:33.41]Not that long ago! [01:36.34]I'm not more than twenty-nine myself.