Seventy Miles an Hour


[00:00.61]Lesson 129 [00:03.81]Seventy miles an hour [00:07.08]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.34]What does Ann advise her husband to do next time? [00:19.23]Look, Gary! [00:21.08]That policeman's waving to you. [00:24.51]He wants you to stop. [00:27.91]Where do you think you are? [00:31.32]On a race track? [00:33.56]You must have been driving at seventy miles an hour. [00:38.88]I can't have been. [00:41.85]I was doing eighty when I overtook you. [00:46.37]Didn't you see the speed limit? [00:49.77]I'm afraid I didn't, officer. [00:52.83]I must have been dreaming. [00:56.01]He wasn't dreaming, officer. [00:58.90]I was telling him to drive slowly. [01:03.46]That's why I didn't see the sign. [01:07.80]Let me see your driving licence. [01:11.75]I won't charge you this time. [01:14.76]But you'd better not do it again! [01:18.44]Thank you. [01:19.74]I'll certainly be more careful. [01:23.39]I told you to drive slowly, Gary. [01:27.45]You always tell me to drive slowly, darling. [01:31.79]Well, next time you'd better take my advice!