Tea for Two


[00:00.51]Lesson 125 [00:03.46]Tea for two [00:06.26]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:11.22]Does Susan have tea by herself? [00:16.47]Can't you come in and have tea now, Peter? [00:20.97]Not yet. [00:22.38]I must water the garden first. [00:25.78]Do you have to water it now? [00:29.52]I'm afraid I must. [00:31.54]Look at it! [00:33.02]It's terribly dry. [00:35.41]What a nuisance! [00:38.00]Last summer it was very dry, too. [00:41.98]Don't you remember? [00:44.16]I had to water it every day. [00:47.52]Well, I'll have tea by myself. [00:52.70]That was quick! [00:54.73]Have you finished already? [00:57.48]Yes. [00:58.64]Look out of the window. [01:01.35]It's raining! [01:03.46]That means you don't need to water the garden. [01:08.80]That was a pleasant surprise. [01:12.29]It means I can have tea, instead.