A Good Idea


[00:00.67]Lesson 109 [00:03.27]A good idea [00:06.16]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:11.67]What does Jane have with her coffee? [00:16.97]Shall I make some coffee, Jane? [00:21.76]That's a good idea, Charlotte. [00:26.07]It's ready. [00:27.97]Do you want any milk? [00:30.94]Just a little, please. [00:34.43]What about some sugar? [00:37.46]Two teaspoonfuls? [00:40.68]No, less than that. [00:43.63]One and a half teaspoonfuls, please. [00:48.29]That's enough for me. [00:52.03]That was very nice. [00:55.25]Would you like some more? [00:58.05]Yes, please. [01:01.40]I'd like a cigarette, too. [01:04.85]May I have one? [01:07.50]Of course. [01:09.46]I think there are a few in that box. [01:14.67]I'm afraid it's empty. [01:18.18]What a pity! [01:20.50]It doesn't matter. [01:23.23]Have a biscuit instead. [01:26.22]Eat more and smoke less! [01:30.32]That's very good advice!