It's Too Small.


[00:00.70]Lesson 107 [00:04.06]It's too small. [00:07.33]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.35]What kind of dress does the Lady want? [00:19.27]Do you like this dress, madam? [00:23.43]I like the colour very much. [00:27.07]It's a lovely dress, but it's too small for me. [00:33.33]What about this one? [00:35.78]It's a lovely dress. [00:38.40]It's very smart. [00:40.98]Short skirts are in fashion now. [00:44.68]Would you like to try it? [00:47.67]All right. [00:49.82]I'm afraid this green dress is too small for me as well. [00:57.91]It's smaller than the blue one. [01:02.59]I don't like the colour either. [01:06.22]It doesn't suit me at all. [01:10.03]I think the blue dress is prettier. [01:14.77]Could you show me another blue dress? [01:19.37]I want a dress like that one, but it must be my size. [01:27.34]I'm afraid I haven't got a larger dress. [01:32.57]This is the largest dress in the shop.