The Most Expensive Model


[00:00.86]Lesson 111 [00:04.25]The most expensive model [00:08.02]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.90]Can Mr. Frith buy the television on instalments? How does it work? [00:23.63]I like this television very much. [00:27.23]How much does it cost? [00:30.53]It's the most expensive model in the shop. [00:34.61]It costs five hundred pounds. [00:38.79]That's too expensive for us. [00:42.33]We can't afford all that money. [00:45.99]This model's less expensive than that one. [00:50.08]It's only three hundred pounds. [00:53.06]But, of course, it's not as good as the expensive one. [00:59.95]I don't like this model. [01:02.78]The other model's more expensive, but it's worth the money. [01:09.36]Can we buy it on instalments? [01:13.12]Of course. [01:14.59]You can pay a deposit of thirty pounds, [01:18.63]and then fourteen pounds a month for three years. [01:24.54]Do you like it, dear? [01:27.69]I certainly do, but I don't like the price. [01:33.01]You always want the best, but we can't afford it. [01:38.98]Sometimes you think you're a millionaire! [01:45.28]Millionaires don't buy things on instalments!