A Pleasant Dream


[00:00.80]Lesson 137 [00:03.75]A pleasant dream [00:06.45]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:11.66]What would Julie like to do, if she had the money? [00:18.93]Are you doing the football pools, Brain? [00:23.55]Yes, I've nearly finished, Julie. [00:26.80]I'm sure we'll win something this week. [00:30.57]You always say that, but we never win anything! [00:36.85]What will you do if you win a lot of money? [00:41.72]If I win a lot of money I'll buy you a mink coat. [00:48.11]I don't want a mink coat! [00:51.09]I want to see the world. [00:54.83]All right. [00:56.54]If we win a lot of money we'll travel round the world and we'll stay at the best hotels. [01:05.43]Then we'll return home and buy a big house in the country. [01:11.97]We'll have a beautiful garden and... [01:15.85]But if we spend all that money we'll be poor again. [01:21.79]What'll we do then? [01:25.30]If we spend all the money we'll try and win the football pools again. [01:32.33]It's a pleasant dream but everything depends on 'if' !