The Latest Report


[00:00.90]Lesson 135 [00:03.73]The latest report [00:06.82]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.23]Is Karen Marsh going to retire, do you think? [00:18.83]Are you really going to retire, Miss Marsh? [00:23.10]I may. [00:24.66]I can't make up my mind. [00:27.98]I will have to ask my future husband. [00:32.42]He won't let me make another film. [00:36.64]Your future husband, Miss Marsh? [00:39.99]Yes. [00:41.16]Let me introduce him to you. [00:44.22]His name is Carlos. [00:47.66]We're going to get married next week. [00:53.00]Look, Liz! [00:54.66]Here's another report about Karen Marsh. [00:59.22]Listen: 'Karen Marsh: The latest. [01:04.66]At her London Hotel today Miss Marsh told reporters she might retire. [01:13.75]She said she couldn't make up her mind. [01:18.11]She said she would have to ask her future husband. [01:24.33]She said her future husband would not let her make another film. [01:32.03]Then she introduced us to Carlos and told us they would get married next week.' [01:41.87]That's sensational news, isn't it, Kate? [01:47.48]It certainly is. [01:49.80]He'll be her sixth husband!