Is That You, John?


[00:00.60]Lesson 139 [00:03.54]Is that you, John? [00:06.85]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.53]Which John Smith does Graham Turner think he is talking to? [00:20.29]Is that you, John? [00:22.70]Yes, speaking. [00:24.80]Tell Mary we'll be late for dinner this evening. [00:29.32]I'm afraid I don't understand. [00:33.23]Hasn't Mary told you? [00:36.12]She invited Charlotte and me to dinner this evening. [00:41.48]I said I would be at your house at six o'clock, but the boss wants me to do some extra work. [00:51.46]I'll have to stay at the office. [00:54.72]I don't know when I'll finish. [00:58.11]Oh, and by the way, my wife wants to know if Mary needs any help. [01:06.16]I don't know what you're talking about. [01:10.67]That is John Smith, isn't it? [01:14.43]Yes, I'm John Smith. [01:17.22]You are John Smith, the engineer, aren't you? [01:22.34]That's right. [01:24.34]You work for the Overseas Engineering Company, don't you? [01:30.13]No, I don't. [01:31.96]I'm John Smith the telephone engineer and I'm repairing your telephone line.