A Trip to Australia


[00:00.73]Lesson 123 [00:04.00]A trip to Australia [00:07.35]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.94]Who is the man with the beard? [00:17.83]Look, Scott. [00:19.99]This is a photograph I took during my trip to Australia. [00:26.64]Let me see it, Mike. [00:29.24]This is a good photograph. [00:31.95]Who are these people? [00:35.04]They're people I met during the trip. [00:39.49]That's the ship we travelled on. [00:42.39]What a beautiful ship! [00:45.01]Who's this? [00:47.12]That's the man I told you about. [00:50.19]Remember? [00:51.58]Ah yes. [00:53.10]The one who offered you a job in Australia. [00:57.44]That's right. [00:58.90]Who's this? [01:00.64]Guess! [01:01.74]It's not you, is it? [01:04.17]That's right. [01:06.73]I grew a beard during the trip, but I shaved it off when I came home. [01:13.50]Why did you shave it off? [01:16.16]My wife didn't like it!