The Man in a Hat


[00:00.61]Lesson 121 [00:04.03]The man in a hat [00:07.26]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.92]Why didn't Caroline recognize the customer straight away? [00:20.48]I bought two expensive dictionaries here half an hour ago, but I forgot to take them with me. [00:30.67]Who served you, sir? [00:33.51]The lady who is standing behind the counter. [00:37.82]Which books did you buy? [00:41.15]The books which are on the counter. [00:44.96]Did you serve this gentleman half an hour ago, Caroline? [00:50.19]He says he's the man who bought these books. [00:54.75]I can't remember. [00:57.50]The man who I served was wearing a hat. [01:02.54]Have you got a hat, sir? [01:05.92]Yes, I have. [01:08.15]Would you put it on, please? [01:10.91]All right. [01:12.71]Is this the man that you served, Caroline? [01:17.10]Yes. [01:18.31]I recognize him now.