A True Story


[00:00.70]Lesson 119 [00:03.54]A true story [00:06.39]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.05]Who called out to the thieves in the dark? [00:18.34]Do you like stories? [00:21.62]I want to tell you a true story. [00:25.50]It happened to a friend of mine a year ago. [00:30.72]While my friend, George, was reading in bed, [00:36.28]two thieves climbed into his kitchen. [00:41.06]After they had entered the house, [00:44.24]they went into the dining room. [00:47.68]It was very dark, so they turned on a torch. [00:54.53]Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them. [01:00.20]'What's up? What's up?' someone called. [01:05.80]The thieves dropped the torch and ran away as quickly as they could. [01:14.22]George heard the noise and came downstairs quickly. [01:20.22]He turned on the light, but he couldn't see anyone. [01:26.29]The thieves had already gone. [01:30.04]But George's parrot, Henry, was still there. [01:35.75]What's up, George? he called. [01:39.52]'Nothing, Henry,' George said and smiled. [01:44.40]'Go back to sleep.'