Tommy's Breakfast


[00:00.79]Lesson 117 [00:04.50]Tommy's breakfast [00:07.35]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.44]What does she mean by 'change' in the last sentence? [00:21.27]When my husband was going into the dining room this morning, [00:27.20]he dropped some coins on the floor. [00:31.54]There were coins everywhere. [00:34.96]We looked for them, but we could not find them all. [00:41.10]While we were having breakfast, [00:44.42]our little boy, Tommy, found two small coins on the floor. [00:52.56]He put them both into his mouth. [00:57.16]We both tried to get the coins, but it was too late. [01:03.56]Tommy had already swallowed them! [01:09.90]Late that morning, when I was doing the housework, [01:15.43]My husband phoned me from the office. [01:20.36]'How's Tommy?' he asked. [01:24.00]'I don't know,' I answered, [01:27.56]'Tommy's been to the toilet three times this morning, but I haven't had any change yet!'