Do You Speak English?

杰瑞发布于22 Jun 15:28

[00:10.47]Did the young man speak English? [00:15.27]I had an amusing experience last year. [00:19.24]After I had left a small village in the south of France, [00:23.47]I drove on to the next town. [00:26.82]On the way, a young man waved to me. [00:30.58]I stopped and he asked me for a lift. [00:34.62]As soon as he had got into the car, [00:37.90]I said good morning to him in French and he replied in the same language. [00:44.36]Apart from a few words, [00:46.65]I do not know any French at all. [00:50.17]Neither of us spoke during the journey. [00:53.32]I had nearly reached the town, when the young man suddenly said, very slowly, [01:00.63]'Do you speak English?' [01:04.63]As I soon learnt, he was English himself!