Good News

杰瑞发布于22 Jun 15:29

[00:09.78]What was the good news? [00:13.88]The secretary told me that Mr. Harmsworth would see me. [00:19.28]I felt very nervous when I went into his office. [00:24.36]He did not look up from his desk when I entered. [00:28.84]After I had sat down, [00:31.23]he said that business was very bad. [00:35.10]He told me that the firm could not afford to pay such large salaries. [00:41.52]Twenty people had already left. [00:45.06]I knew that my turn had come. [00:48.59]'Mr. Harmsworth,' I said in a weak voice. [00:53.30]'Don't interrupt,' he said. [00:56.14]Then he smiled and told me I would receive an extra thousand pounds a year!