Don't be So Sure!


[00:00.66]Lesson 131 [00:03.36]Don't be so sure! [00:07.28]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.03]What's the problem about deciding on a holiday? [00:19.70]Where are you going to spend your holidays this year, Gary? [00:25.84]We may go abroad. [00:28.60]I'm not sure. [00:30.97]My wife wants to go to Egypt. [00:34.66]I'd like to go there, too. [00:37.93]We can't make up our minds. [00:41.88]Will you travel by sea or by air? [00:46.03]We may travel by sea. [00:49.34]It's cheaper, isn't it? [00:51.76]It may be cheaper, but it takes a long time. [00:57.18]I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves. [01:00.28]Don't be so sure. [01:02.35]We might not go anywhere. [01:05.11]My wife always worries too much. [01:09.05]Who's going to look after the dog? [01:12.53]Who's going to look after the house? [01:16.08]Who's going to look after the garden? [01:19.66]We have this problem every year. [01:23.11]In the end, we stay at home and look after everything!