Sensational News!


[00:00.78]Lesson 133 [00:03.58]Sensational news! [00:06.87]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.61]What reasons did Karen Marsh give for wanting to retire? [00:20.87]Have you just made a new film, Miss Marsh? [00:25.34]Yes, I have. [00:28.10]Are you going to make another? [00:30.85]No, I'm not. [00:33.16]I'm going to retire. [00:36.17]I feel very tired. [00:39.16]I don't want to make another film for a long time. [00:46.46]Let's buy a newspaper, Liz. [00:50.28]Listen to this! [00:52.80]'Karen Marsh: Sensational News! [00:57.45]By our reporter, Alan Jones. [01:02.26]Karen Marsh arrived at London Airport today. [01:07.85]She was wearing a blue dress and a mink coat. [01:13.86]She told me she had just made a new film. [01:19.70]she said she was not going to make another. [01:25.90]She said she was going to retire. [01:30.50]She told reporters she felt very tired and didn't want to make another film for a long time.' [01:42.05]I wonder why!